Maple Syrup Products

The Maple Man’s maple syrup is made at his maple grove in Sainte-Marie de Beauce (in Quebec’s Saint-Ange region), approximately 45 minutes from Quebec City, Quebec’s capital. The maple grove has about 2500 trees. The maple sap is brought to a boil in stainless steel pans placed on a wood fire.

The Maple Man highlights ancestral techniques in order to transform his maple syrup into a high-quality and well-regarded product. To this end, sap is collected in buckets, which are carried to the sugar shack by horse. Then, according to ancestral methods, the sap is slowly brought to a boil over a maple wood fire. This work retains a natural rhythm since no industrial machinery nor any high-technology tools are used in the transformation of the sap.

La Grande Coulée’s maple syrup is therefore a 100 % organic product. No preservatives have been added.


Glass Bottle

Plastic Bottle

Processed Foods

1 liter

540 ml

Maple Candy

500 ml

500 ml

Maple Lollipop

375 ml

250 ml

Granulated Sugar (100 g)

250 ml

100 ml

Hard Sugar

50 ml

40 ml

Maple Butter

200 ml

Maple Caramel

Maple Peanut

Other available products:

Wooden Spoons
22 $

Step-Dancing Marionette
40 $

Finger-Woven Sash
22 $


Where can I buy your syrup?

In various school during the winter - At the French Cultural Centre in Kelowna during the winter - In various public markets throughout the summer

Send me some maple syrup!

General Public: Within two days, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. A 5% discount is offered with every order of $100. Schools: All schools receive a 10% discount on sales made at the school.